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The formula collection for your iPhone or iPad.
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  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Technology
Calculation functions,
Detailed descriptions with graphics,
Expand general knowledge and more.

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widescreen picture of our app formulas +

formulas logo Formulas +

The formula collection for your iPhone or iPad.

All in one. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Technology formulas included.

Latest news

Now available for your iPad or iPad Pro!
Formulas + is an universal app now, running on the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad Pro.

Two languages. English and German.
You can decide, which language you want to use.
Simply go into the iPhone/iPad settings and scroll down to "Formulas +",
there you can set the language and other settings of Formulas +, too.

widescreen picture of mathematics formulas list

Mathematics | formulas list

Each section e.g. mathematics has its own formulas list for best overview.

widescreen picture of mathematics formulas search

Mathematics | search formulas list

You can easyly search through all the formulas in each section.

widescreen picture of mathematics formulas optimized reading

Optimized formulas view

While scrolling down to read a formula, the top bar hides a bit, to increase screen size for reading.


4 formularies in a single one.
Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Technics

Formulas in English and German.
You can switch between the English and German version.

Formulas with descriptions.
Not only listed formulas, Formulas + offers to any formula detailed intuitive descriptions,
for an excellent understanding and easy learning.

Formula pages with colored markings and clear graphics.

Interesting tips that will enrich the general knowledge.

Intelligent search function,
for fast finding of the desired formulas.

Calculation functions.
Enter given. Choose wanted. Obtain a solution with detailed calculation method.

With about 540 formulas.
With about 90 formula pages which in turn have up to 6 different formulas.

EAS Certification
EAS Certification
The EAS Certification is awarded by the Educational App Store, in order to benchmark the apps against a set of pedagogical criteria and academic research.

Get Formulas + for your iPhone or iPad now

Get Formulas + on the Apple App Store

Or any questions left?
Visit our Questions & Answers section.
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contact us.


  • ·

    01/08/2024 - Formulas + 2.2.6

    - Added support for negative values for calculation functions pq- and abc-formula.

  • ·

    05/28/2021 - Formulas + 2.2.5

    Optimized display
    - Optimized display on latest devices.

    Performance Update
    - Components updated for better performance and compatibility.

  • ·

    09/23/2020 - Formulas + 2.2.4

    iOS 13
    - Added support for new features of iOS 13.
    - Optimized UI for iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max

    Migration fabric.io Crashlytics to Firebase Crashlytics
    - To fix bugs faster, we've added Firebase Crashlytics from Firebase to this app. So in case of app crashes, we get notified anonymously. You can manage this in the iOS Settings app.

  • ·

    03/05/2018 - Formulas + 2.2.3

    iPhone X
    Added support for the new iPhone X.

    - To fix bugs faster, we've added Crashlytics to this app. So in case the app crashes, we get notified anonymously.
    - To improve Formulas + we're collecting anonymous data while you are using this app.

    Bugs fixed, which got reported by our users
    - Fixed a bug, that could crash Formulas +, by tapping a formular while searching.
    - The rezension link is working correctly now.

    Error elimination.

  • ·

    05/29/2017 - Formulas + 2.2.2

    New Formulas:
    Mathematics: Geometry/Stereometry
    - Ellipse

    - The Button "Write a Review" and the review alert window now takes you directly to the reviews page in the Apple App Store.

    - Fixed an error that could cause an empty formula list after the app was opened/used by 3D-Touch/Force-Touch.

    Bugs fixed, which got reported by our users:
    - Mathematics: Added the number of π to the circle formula page.

    Error elimination.

  • ·

    11/30/2016 - Formulas + 2.2.1

    Favorites list:
    - If iCloud is enabled, favorites are synchronized between all your Devices.
    - Favorites are locialized, so you can view them in English and on your German device in German language.
    - Favorites can be indicated by a favorite star icon in the formula lists.
    - You can view all favorites in one list, which can be accessed on the bottom of the Formulas + main page. Simply tap on the favorite star button in the tab bar.
    - Use 3D-Touch* on favorites to peek a formula page and press stronger to pop to the respective formula page. *(iPhone 6s or later)
    - In the favorites list you can delete favorites by swipe-to-the-left gesture.

    Formula lists:
    - Use 3D-Touch* on formulas to peek a formula page and press stronger to pop to the respective formula page. *(iPhone 6s or later)

    New Plus-Button on the top right of each formula page:
    - There you can add or remove a formula to or from the favorites list.
    - There you can send us anonymous feedback to the displayed formula page

    iOS 10 Release:
    - Optimization for the great new release of iOS.

    Bugs fixed, which got reported by our users:
    - mathematics -> Prefixes of measuring units: Fixed a spacing mistake.
    - mathematics -> Triangles -> Calculation function: Fixed a bug.
    - physics -> Motion: Fixed a misspelling mistake.
    - mathematics -> Intercept theorems: Fixed a misspelling mistake.

    Error elimination.

  • ·

    03/10/2016 - Formulas + receives EAS Certification

    "This is a handy reference tool for a wide range of formula in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Electronics.EAS Certification
    Search through the theory of each of these subjects to find out what it is you need to know.

    Teacher Review (...)"

    - Read the full review now at: Educational App Store \\ educationalappstore.com.

  • ·

    02/23/2016 - Formulas + 2.2.0

    iPad/iPad Pro Support:
    Formulas + is a universal app now. You can use Formulas + on your iPhone or iPad, whatever you prefer!

    Calculation functions:
    You can now additionally access calculation functions easily by tapping on the calculator button on the top right of the formula page.
    (The calculator button will be displayed on formula pages only, which support the calculation functions. The Tooltip can be deactivated or changed back to the old Design in the Settings App of your iPhone.)

    Error elimination.

  • ·

    10/27/2015 - Formulas + 2.1.1

    Fixed a bug, which might cause that Formulas + hung on startup.

    Changed the English translation due to feedback:
    „Technics“ to „Electronics“
    „Dragon“ to „Kite“ (Mathematics section)
    „Condensator“ to „Capacitor“ (Electronics/Physics sections)
    „Position energy W“ to „Potential energy W“ (Electronics/Physics sections)

    iOS 9 Release:
    Optimization for different screen sizes, especially for iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus.

    iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus:
    3D Touch support
    Quick Actions to reach your formulas faster!
    You can decide, whether you would like static or dynamic Quick Actions. Quick Actions can be set up in the Settings app of your iPhone.

    General improvements:
    Fixed the issue, when a formula page has a over sized table.
    Increased the size of the „Details“ Button in the Downloads section.

    Error elimination.

  • ·

    04/25/2015 - Formulas + 2.1.0

    Basics calculation functions.
    We've added the new "Basics Pack" to the "Downloads" section.
    This pack includes a measurement units calculator and both abc-formula and pq-formula calculations.
    Available now!

    Update for calculation functions.
    From now on it is even easier to enter values for the calculation functions, since we have installed a new toolbar above the keyboard. The toolbar allows to jump for- or backward through the input values, without to tap OK each time. Where appropriate, the toolbar shows a middle button for negative/positive numbers, too.

    Right triangle calculation function update.
    It is now possible to get c with a and b given only.
    And you can get the circumference with a and b given only, too.

    Dragon calculation function fix.
    Sometimes there was displayed a 0 for the area instead of the value.

    Removed a mistake on concurrent flow formula page.
    Physics/Technics: An mistake in the explanation of the flow direction has been removed.

    Error elimination.

  • ·

    10/05/2014 - Formulas + 2.0.3

    iOS 8 ready.
    We've optimized this version of Formulas + for the biggest iOS release of all time.

    Added new formulas.
    Mathematics: Dimensional analysis

    Error elimintion.

  • ·

    06/28/2014 - Release of Formulas + worldwide

    We've released our App Formulas + worldwide.

    (English and German language included for free!)

  • ·

    06/26/2014 - Formulas + 2.0.2

    This hotfix fixes some errors, which came in the course of the introduction of the English language.

  • ·

    06/24/2014 - app-solutions.de new web site online

    app-solutions.de goes online with its new modern design.

  • ·

    06/22/2014 - Formulas + 2.0.1

    This hotfix fixes some errors which came in the course of the introduction of the English language.

    On the main page of the app Formulas + at "More", you can "Recruit a friend" now.

  • ·

    06/21/2014 - Formulas + 2.0.0

    Formulas + is now available in two languages??, German and English (both languages ??are included free of charge).

    Mathematics gets the formula pages "Law of Cosines" and "Calculating with terms". To the section of chemistry, the formula page "Pure matter and mixtures" is added.

    Graphical User Interface optimizations.

    Formula pages can be read even better now, because the navigation bar hides off immediately while scrolling down.

    In addition to the "swipe to the right" gesture, you can now easily "touch three times" to open the relevant calculation function.

    Error elimination in calculation functions and individual formula pages.

    We are grateful for the many submitted suggestions, which have contributed a large part to this great new update.

  • ·

    09/19/2013 - Formulas + 1.2.1

    Fixed bugs and improved formula pages.

  • ·

    09/18/2013 - Formulas + 1.2.0

    With the release of iOS 7, we have developed the app Formulas + completely from scratch with the latest technologies and optimized for easy use in the everyday life.

    Addition to the modern new interface calculation functions have been completely revised and the process was optimized to offer you even faster a complete solution with comments calculation method.
    In addition, solutions can be sent by mail or sent to iTunes now. In iTunes you can drag 'n drop them on your PC or Mac to view.

  • ·

    06/13/2013 - Formulas + 1.1.0

    30 formula pages are optimized and in mathematics section at Statistics/Probability the formula page "Probability" has been added.

    Users can now zoom on formula pages, so even the smallest detail can be viewed.

    Calculation functions are optimized and there is the possibility of "Result print", which allows to print the detailed calculation method on paper.

    As of now, on the main page of the app you can reach the In-App Store at the bottom at "More", to buy the Geometry/Stereometry Pack 1, which adds further calculation functions.

    The submitted suggestions and constructive criticism have made ??a great contribution for this update - thank you!

  • ·

    02/23/2013 - Formulas + 1.0.6

    The chemistry section is extended by the following formula pages:
    "Atomic radius", "Molar mass" and "Molar volume".

    We eliminated bugs and optimized formula pages.

  • ·

    12/11/2012 - Formulas + 1.0.5

    Mathematics has received the new section "Statistics/Probability" and the formula page "Chemical connection" added to the section of chemistry.

  • ·

    11/27/2012 - Formulas + 1.0.4

    Preparations for future updates and an error is removed from the calculation function of the ball.

  • ·

    10/27/2012 - Formulas + 1.0.3

    Suggestions of users which were submited trought the "Submit suggestion" function have done a great contribution to this update.

    The formula page "Special points and lines in triangle" is added.

  • ·

    09/22/2012 - Formulas + 1.0.2

    iOS 6 support and adjustments for the iPhone 5. Our users can submit automated suggestions on the various formula pages easily, with just one click at the top of the light bulb of relevant formula page.

  • ·

    09/15/2012 - Formulas + 1.0.1

    First calculation function unlocked for the ball. For the first time users could easily perform calculations for the ball.
    Just enter given values ??and tap wanted value!

    Numerous formula pages have been optimized.

  • ·

    09/01/2012 - Formulas + 1.0.0

    Release of the app Formulas + in the Apple App Store in the regions: Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

  • ·

    08/20/2012 - app-solutions twitter

    app-solutions is now on twitter \\ app-solutions.de.

  • ·

    06/15/2012 - app-solutions facebook

    app-solutions is now on facebook \\ app-solutions.de.

Questions and Answers

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What else can I do?

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Formulas +

How can I send a suggestion or mistake on a formula page with the "Suggestion send" function?

Simply tap on the "+" button on the top right of the current formula page and select "Suggestion send", to send us a suggestion. The current formula page for which the "Suggestion send" function is started, is sent to us automatically.

For which audience Formulas + is suitable?

Actually, for almost all. The app can be used from students at secondary school as well as adults, who want to refresh their knowledge.

What can I send to you by the "Suggestion send" function?

You can indicate us here on errors as spelling errors, inconsistencies or additional content descriptions. You can let us know if you should not be sufficient of any formula page. Please note that the "Suggestion send" feature is completely anonymous and we can not answer explicitly. In case you need personal support, please contact us at Link.

May can I use Formulas + at school?

Please show this app to your teacher and ask him, if you are allowed to use Formulas + in school.

Are there any discounts if my entire class or school would like to use the app Formulas +?

This is possible, since we support this possibility with Apple by the "Program for Volume Licensing" (VPP Store). For more information visit Link.

For which formulas is the calculation function available?

The calculation function is available for the ball in the mathematics area for free. You can purchase the function for more formulas through the "Downloads" area in Formulas +.

What shall I do, if I should have any technical problems, while using Formulas +?

In case you need personal assistance, please contact us at Link.

Is there an Android version of Formulas ?

At this time Formulas + is available in the Apple App Store only.

What languages are supported by Formulas +?

The app can be used in both German and English language. It will automatically use the more appropriate language for the language of the device. In the "Settings" app, you can choose the language yourself at "Formulas +".

What are the minimum requirements of the app Formulas +?

Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro and iPod touch.

Does Formulas + requires an Internet connection?

Once you have downloaded the app Formulas + completely from the Apple App Store, you do not need an internet connection.
If you would like to make in-app purchases in the "Downloads" area, you briefly need an internet connection, until the purchase is successfully finished. Also, an internet connection is required for updates from the Apple App Store.
If you want to use the "Suggestion send" function, you do need an internet connection for sending.


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